Turkey will hold a new tender for 1,000 megawatts capacity wind power at the end of July. The deadline for submission of final offers is announced as July 27.

Berat Albayrak, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, reminded that Turkey had already completed a tender for the Konya-Karapinar Renewable Energy Resources Area Project (YEKA), which will enable Turkey to have 1,000 megawatts of solar power.

Giving a special interview on TV, Minister Albayrak announced that a similar tender would be held for wind power at the end of July, adding that, "The plant will then require investors to have over 65 percent local production and to have engineers, 80 percent of whom will be employed locally." Minister Albayrak stated that the wind tender would be one of the most important steps for Turkey's National Energy Strategy.

The date for the tender will be announced later

The details for the tender were announced yesterday in Turkey’s Official Gazette. The deadline for submission of investors' final offers for the tender is set as July 27. The tender, the date of which will be announced later, will be held in reverse auction and the ceiling price for one kilowatt-hour has been set as $0.07. The investor who submits the lowest bid in the tender will win.

Source: AA

Turkey speeds up the works on resource diversification, says Faith Donmez, Undersecretary of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry.

BP Energy Outlook Report 2017, was presented in a meeting which was held in cooperation with the Association of Energy Experts. In this meeting, Faith Donmez, Undersecretary of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, said that, “Turkey is entering to a new period of active oil and gas researching. For us, energy is neither pure fossil nor purely renewable. It is a dynamic, domestic resource balance. The domestic emphasis is very important for our Ministry and Turkey."

Mustafa Yilmaz, Chairman of Republic of Turkey Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), stated that it is important to gather and analyze correctly the data in energy markets. In this aspect, Yilmaz said, BP Energy Outlook Report is an important and valuable reference for the energy sector. Yilmaz, underlined that EMRA creates and publishes the monthly data for 4 markets in the Turkish energy sector.

Yilmaz stated that, the findings in BP Energy Outlook report, show that the strategy Turkey has on renewable energy resources is correct and said, “With the potential, Turkey is candidate to be the representative of the region in renewable energy. Foreign investors are aware of this situation. We also hear that foreign investors have been working together with local partners in the preparatory work for the tender of the Wind Renewable Energy Resource Area (YEKA).”

Electricity distribution investments: no country for old rules? A critical overview of UK and Italian regulations
By: Simona Benedettini and Federico Pontoni
May 2012

“The increase in distributed generation and the increasingly pro-active role of mass consumers demand “smart” distribution networks. To this aim, regulation too must innovate, in order to promote innovative and additional infrastructural investments. This paper develops, first, a methodological framework addressing the relevant drivers for the regulation of distribution network investments. In the light of this framework, we then perform a critical overview of the British and Italian regulatory approach to distribution network investments. Finally, we discuss some policy insights for the Italian regulator.”

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