E-Newsletter No : 30


No: 30 - July 2017

Electricity Distribution Companies to lead in Vocational Qualification
Undersecretary of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, Fatih Donmez, presented the first professional competency certificates in the electricity distribution sector which were distributed in the frame of “VOC-Test Centres II. Grant Scheme” between Association of Electricity Distribution System Operators, ELDER, and Ministry of Labor and Social Security European Union and Financial Assistance Directorate.
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More Roofs to go Solar
People’s interest in solar roofs - of which costs have started to decline dramatically thanks to the incentives of countries - is continuosly growing.
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Harward, Developed a New Flow Battery
Imagine if your house ran on a giant, low-maintenance rechargeable battery. Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) developed a new flow battery capable of lasting more than 10 years.
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A New Perspective: Investment and Efficiency under Incentive Regulation
Rahmatallah Poudineh and Tooraj Jamasb

Following the liberalisation of the electricity industry since the early 1990s, many sector regulators have adopted incentive regulation aided by benchmarking and productivity analysis.

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SmarterEMC2 Final Workshop
04 October 2017 / European Utility Week / RAI Amsterdam / The Netherlands

2nd Energy Efficient Products Fair
23 November 2017 / İstanbul, Turkey

Electric Power 2017
19-22 March 2018 / USA