E-Newsletter No : 34


No: 34 - August 2017

Turkey’s First “GREEN” School to be Opened
Turkey’s first “green” school, Eryaman Cezeri Green Technology Tehcnical and Industrial Vocational High School located in Ankara which will focus on renewable energy Technologies, will start education this year.
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California Utilities Plot Ways to Prep Grid for Coming EV Boom
Electrifying the transportation sector is no easy task. But, as with many innovations occurring in the power sector, California is leading the way.
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Solar Power Will Kill Coal Faster Than You Think
Solar power, once so costly it only made economic sense in spaceships, is becoming cheap enough that it will push coal and even natural-gas plants out of business faster than previously forecast.
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Estimating Marginal Cost of Quality
Improvements: The Case of the UK Electricity
Distribution Companies

Tooraj Jamasb, Luis Orea, Michael G. Pollitt

The main aim of this paper is to develop an econometric approach to estimation of marginal costs of improving quality of service. We implement this methodology by way of applying it to the case of the UK electricity distribution networks.

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Source : Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

SmarterEMC2 Final Workshop
04 October 2017 / European Utility Week / RAI Amsterdam / The Netherlands

2nd Energy Efficient Products Fair
23 November 2017 / İstanbul, Turkey

Electric Power 2017
19-22 March 2018 / USA