E-Newsletter No : 43


No: 43 - November 2017

Turkey's YEKA Plan to Replace Renewables Scheme by 2020
Turkish Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (YEKDEM) will be will be replaced by a more competitive option, the Renewable Energy Resources Zone Areas (YEKA) by 2020, Turkey's Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak said on Wednesday.
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Turkey's YEKA Tender Nabs Lowest Wind Price in Europe
Turkey's YEKA tender nabs lowest wind price in Europe - WindEurope hopeful for other rounds of YEKA tenders following Turkey's successful debut auction in August, WindEurope CEO.
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Wind Power Set a New Renewable Energy Record in Europe Last Week
On October 28, wind power sources from 28 countries in the European Union (EU) set a new record: they provided 24.6% of total electricity — enough to power 197 million European households.
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Creating protective space for innovation in electricity distribution networks in Great Britain: The politics of institutional change

Matthew Lockwood

Innovation in electricity distribution networks will be an important element in the transition to a sustainable low-carbon energy system. The nature of networks as regulated monopolies means that the locus of the evolution of protective space for innovation is regulatory institutions, and that the politics of creating protective space is the politics of institutional change. In this paper I examine the case of Britain, where protective space for research, development and demonstration projects was created over the course of the 2000s in the form of funding mechanisms within the regulatory regime. The case study is used to test structural and discursive theories of gradual institutional change. I conclude that these theoretical frameworks are consistent with the evidence, but that the characterisations of change actors and of dominant policy paradigms are insufficiently flexible. I also conclude that the framework for innovation in the British regulator remains incomplete.

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3rd ELDER R&D in Energy Workshop
21 November 2017 / Ankara, Turkey

2nd Energy Efficient Products Fair
23 November 2017 / İstanbul, Turkey
20. Electricity Power Conference
19-22 March 2018 / USA