E-Newsletter No : 44


No: 44 - November 2017

Turkey To Make Full Use Of Domestic Coal To Minimize Imports
To reduce the share of imported resources in its annual 280 billion kilowatts of electricity consumption, Turkey plans to increase the use of domestic resources at local thermal plants to boost employment.
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Regulation Preperation Complete For Turkish Electric Vehicles
EMRA has analyzed international business models, technologies and regulations on fast and smart charging stations
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Quality Plays Crucial Role in Solar PV Development
Quality assurance plays a crucial role in achieving a robust photovoltaic (PV) market that investors, policy makers and consumers can have confidence in, according to a report launched by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) on Friday.
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Wind power distribution over the ocean

W. Timothy Liu, Wenqing Tang, and Xiaosu Xie

Probability distribution and power density of wind speed over global oceans are computed from eight years of QuikSCAT measurements. They describe the variation and higher moments of wind speed that are critical in relating the non-linear effects of wind on electric power generation capability, shipping hazard, and air-sea exchanges in heat, water, and greenhouse gases.

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3rd ELDER R&D in Energy Workshop
19 December 2017 / Ankara, Turkey

2nd Energy Efficient Products Fair
23 November 2017 / İstanbul, Turkey
20. Electricity Power Conference
19-22 March 2018 / USA