Vision and Mission



ELDER’s goal is to make researches considering the electricity distribution and economy of the retail sale sector, energy policies of the country, legal framework and  international laws and agreements on electrical energy; contribute to the improvement and dissemination of the services and mold public opinion on this issue.



ELDER's aim is to strive to ensure that electricity distribution and retail services are provided and developed for the benefit of the country; provide necessary support and incentives; ensure moral and material protection that will contribute to the economic growth of the country and encourage initiatives that will benefit the development of the country in the electricity field.



The activities that ELDER carries out in line with its vision and mission are as follows:
•   To be in constant contact with national and international state officials, commercial and professional organizations and the prominent decision makers of the sector and to collaborate with them when necessary.
•    To take initiatives for the development of the sector and follow the state-of-the- art technological solutions all around the world. 
•    To participate in the drafting of the national legislation and to follow the EU legislation. 
•    To follow the activities of the sector closely and manage the relations with the press and the sector.
•    To provide the members of the association with support in technical, legal and administrative issues in general.
•    To make scientific researches on electrical energy services and organize courses, conferences and symposiums.
•    To prepare books, leaflets and other printed materials promoting electrical energy services and the members of the association.